CoRIS Cohort


Transparency is paramount in scientific platforms. That is why everything CoRIS is open and transparent.

CoRIS is financed by CIBER -Biomedical research network centre consortium- [CB21/13/00091], the Carlos III Health Institute (Ministry of Science and Innovation) and the European Union - NextGenerationEU.

Additionally, researchers obtain occasional funding from public calls for proposals and private funders to conduct research projects within the CoRIS cohort framework.


On a yearly basis, the Carlos III Health Institute gives out grants for Health Research Projects within the framework of the Health Research and Development Strategy (AES by its Spanish acronym) and Intramural Health Research and Development Strategy (AESI by its Spanish acronym). The latter is only open to Carlos III Health Institute research groups.

In AESI’s 2020 call for proposals, funding was allocated to conduct research on the health-related quality of life of people living with HIV (PLWH) in the CoRIS cohort. Previously, in the 2017 call for proposals, we obtained funding to study the use, efficacy and costs of generic drugs to treat HIV among the CoRIS cohort.

Additionally, in March 2020, the Carlos III Health Institute launched an extraordinary call for proposals to fund research projects on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, with a view to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. In this tender, we obtained funding to study the COVID-19 infection among CoRIS cohort patients with HIV.


Private funding for research projects comes mainly from the pharmaceutical industry.

ViiV Healthcare

Since 2016, in its commitment to generating real-life evidence to address medical needs, ViiV Healthcare has steadily financed three research projects in the framework of the CoRIS cohort. Their common goal was to obtain real-world data about the use, efficacy, safety and tolerability of available HIV-treatment regimens.

This video entitled “The Ribbon” illustrates how PLWH lie at the heart of the collaboration between ViiV Healthcare and CoRIS.


As part of its policy to promote and support research projects, Gilead has recently financed a project to study late HIV diagnosis among CoRIS participants.

Furthermore, in Gilead 2nd Funding Opportunity Announcement for Projects on HIV Diagnosis and Patient Referral to the Public Health System, we have obtained funding to examine the time from HIV diagnosis to viral suppression among HIV-positive people in the CoRIS cohort.

Additionally, within the framework of Gilead 7th Funding Opportunity Announcement of Grants for Biomedical Research, we have obtained funding to study non-AIDS defining cancer among CoRIS cohort HIV-positive individuals.


True to its mission to promote clinical research, MSD has recently financed a project to measure pregnancy incidence rates, outline pregnancy characteristics and study the clinical evolution of CoRIS Cohort HIV-positive women during pregnancy.

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