We are committed to improving your life. That is the purpose of our research.

CoRIS cohort comprises more than 16.000 people living with HIV. In order to become part of the cohort study, participants must: Have a confirmed HIV-positive diagnosis; Be of legal age; Be followed up by one of CoRIS participating hospitals; Not be on antiretroviral treatment upon becoming part of the cohort.

CoRIS would not be possible without its participants’ engagement. Their altruistic contribution, both in terms of the data and samples they provide, and the time they devote to us are an inspiration to CoRIS.

With their anonymous involvement and generosity, CoRIS participants are helping to improve prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and quality of life of all those people who, like them, live with HIV and fight the disease every day. That is why we would like to express our gratitude to all CoRIS partakers.

As a sign of our deep appreciation, we hope to be able to tell them shortly that we have defeated HIV thanks to their contribution.

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