Dissemination of
research findings

It is important for us to make
our research accessible to a broad
audience, because we want
to contribute to popularising science.

We write scientific papers and participate in the most prominent national and international congresses, for the sole purpose of advancing knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS.

Videos and

HIV and late diagnosis
Menopause in women with HIV
Linkage to medical care after HIV diagnosis
Generic drugs for the treatment of HIV
Pregnancy in women with HIV infection
Life expectancy of people living with HIV
¿Pensamos en la calidad de vida de las personas que viven con VIH?
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CoRIS Coordination Unit writes a yearly newsletter, which summarises: CoRIS latest news regarding its database yearly update, research projects underway, published scientific papers, works presented at national and international congresses, dissemination activities performed and other relevant news

You can see our 2022 newsletter, here.


Science Week

Every year we participate in the Science Week, which is organised by the Madrid Foundation for Knowledge.

In this event, you will find out how our cohort and HIV BioBank work, and how these two scientific platforms conduct research and advance our understanding of HIV.

We usually arrange a guided visit to HIV BioBank facilities, which took place virtually in the last edition (November 2020).

European Researchers’ Night

For several years, we have been organising science communication activities within the European Researchers’ Night.

One of our favourite activities is radio workshops, where we teach attendants to broadcast on the radio, while we tell them about our cohort and how it works. It is a unique opportunity to share our approach to science in a playful manner.

PrEParadxs Party

“PrEParadxs Party” is a fun scientific outreach event, which CoRIS has been organising since 2017 together with the Spanish AIDS Research network, and with the HIV-positive community involvement.
Scientific platforms devised this scientific party to call for the implementation of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a combined strategy for HIV prevention.

This is the reason why, every year, in the framework of Madrid Gay Pride celebrations, all HIV-related entities come together to discuss Spain’s current infection situation in an informal setting.

Here is a video summary of last year’s event (July 2019).

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